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TopsyTail Tm, the $100 Million Hair Gadget That Could- And Did!

Tomima Edmark had shiny, long, flowing hair- that she could never get to stay in a hair do. But she wasn’t worrying about her hair the night in the late 1980’s when she was sitting in a movie theater, enjoying the show. She was reminded of her problem by the woman sitting in front of her whose hair was elegantly styled in a “French twist”, when suddenly she came up with the idea for the TopsyTail- a hairstyling tool that turned a ponytail inside out to make numerous beautiful hairstyles.. This little brainstorm of an idea went on to become the most successful hair accessory history.

Tomima worked on developing her invention; prototyping, production, and packaging, and in 1991, started selling it at a few local boutiques. She used a chance encounter with an editor of ACCESSORIES Magazine to persuade her that TopsyTail tm had the potential to turn the accessories industry on its head and create a sales revolution. The editor, knowing a good thing when she saw it, advised Dallas based Tomima to secure a New York salesrep that would sell it into the major department stores and provided her with several recommendations. Tomima selected a sales representative and marketer that already was focusing on ‘out of the box’ accessory items that would get the media’s attention and drive sales in the then recessionary economy.

Meanwhile Tomima, a former marketing person for IBM, was busy at work securing a Direct Response TV (DRTV) deal. TopsyTail tm would become the first fashionaccessory to appear on a television commercial. TopsyTail tm had all the makings of a successful DRTV campaign. It catered to a huge demographic –‘anyone who can ponytail can TopsyTail tm,’;  was inexpensive to produce, it could be marked up for profit many times and still be offered at less than $20, it’s effect made people feel special and more attractive, it was simple to use, and had an element of magic. At about the same time of establishing the TV connection Tomima hired a New York public relations firm with credentials in promoting both fashion accessory and beauty products, to deliver the news on TopsyTail tm into the hands and heads of American girls and women.

Even before the TV and PR campaign took hold, the department stores responded and orders started to roll in. Only Bloomingdales buyers turned down the TopsyTail tm, stating it did not fit into their product mix. When the media exposure did hit all hell broke loose. The department stores placed reorders for monthly deliveries for up to a year out. One morning, the sales representatives received an urgent telephone message from a top executive at Bloomingdales asking them to call their buyers ‘As soon as possible!’

Tomima had also hired salesreps in other key markets nationally. She had all targets covered. The orders were coming in so fast and furiously that she could no longer run the operation from her garage. She was running out of funds to produce the goods. A decision had to be made on how to keep up with demand. She formed an alliance with a DRTV company to fund the production of goods (allowing Tomima to retain oversight of quality control), run the TV campaign worldwide and oversee distribution. In addition, she established an extensive network of outsourced vendors to deal with everything from manufacturing to servicing retail stores; keeping her own company very small (3 full time employees) and creating an economy of scale. By allowing herself to focus on what she did best-which was creating the TopsyTail tm , and effectively managing the business, she was able to capitalize on her whirlwind dream.

This tsunami of sales continued for well over a year in the US and reached into international markets as well. A sales representative, vacationing in Barcelona in the Summer of 92′, was watching TV in her hotel room and lo and behold a TopsyTail tm commercial appeared on CNN! After a year and a half, just as TopsyTail tm had thundered into the marketplace, the storm had run its course.   The market was saturated and was ready for the next ‘big thing’ which was to be the Hairdini tm , (but that’s another story.) By that time, TopsyTail tm had generated over $100 million in sales to take its place as the best selling hair invention in history.

Cell Telephone Accessory Guide

Let’s be honest. In at this time’s day and age, a person’s cell phone is actually an extension of their personality. With all the cell phone customization options and equipment accessible right this moment, it’s easy to express yourself along with your cell phone.

Is mobile phone customization for everyone? Of course not. Some persons are simply content with a plain, boring, on a regular basis cell phone. Should you’re one of those folks, then this article isn’t for you. Nevertheless, in case you’re a type of who get pleasure from personalizing your stuff, this article will provide you with some great tips and ideas for taking advantage of your cell phone.

The primary (and best) strategy to customise your cellular phone is with ringtones and customized wallpaper. These are cheap and simple methods to make your cellphone stand out from the crowd.

One other great cellphone accent that you should take a look at is a personalized faceplate. Faceplates often aren’t very expensive and so they can really work wonders when it comes to altering the looks of your stock cellular phone.

A favorite cellular phone accent of my daughter is a bling kit. She has decked out her telephone high to backside in faux diamonds and the factor appears like 1,000,000 bucks. We don’t go anywhere without somebody commenting on her “bling” and asking where she purchased it.

Hopefully this text has given you a few low-cost and easy concepts for cellphone accessories. Customizing your cellular phone doesn’t have to break the bank and it certainly doesn’t take much time. So, when you’re like me and hate being like everyone else, take a couple of minutes to customise your mobile phone with some cool ringtones and accessories. I assure that you’ll have numerous enjoyable with it and can be pleased when you’re finished. Take pleasure in!

A Brief History of Telephones

When it comes to the history of telephones in this country, there is a very long one. Telephones for the most part once were not used all that often in the past because often times they were far too inconvenient to use. Even though people are open to the idea of having increased communication with people, many of them found it was too much trouble. When phones were first created it was a rather awkward device. What made them even more awkward was the fact many people didn’t understand how to use them.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he created them with the purpose of opening up communications like never before. He never intended for people to be confused about execution of his invention. What I mean by this is initially telephones only had a turn dial. With a turn dial you had to place your finger in the specified number and then turn it to that point in order to make a call. What this did was lead to a lot of confusion, because not everyone understood this platform.

What this meant is that you had to be at home most of the time, because this is the only way someone could contact you. But all of that has changed now, because now Alexander Graham Bell’s invention has advanced beyond proportions. Now telephones are a necessity in every home, and mobile phones have given people the ability to be as mobile as they want to be. Communication has expanded, and telephones have become much smaller and lightweight. They have also become more stylish, and are now equipped with powerful features we could have never imagined.

Over time, phones have become far more advanced and are now used in all walks of life, the number of types of phones on the market is incredible and with home phones and business phones available, you cannot go from one place to another without seeing a phone somewhere, even in the most remote of places. Businesses have especially benefited from the advancement in technology as they are now capable of keeping in touch with clients with ease with the help of accessories such as business headsets.

So as you can see, even though the history of telephones in this country is pegged with minor inconveniences, telephones are now as much of a necessity as water or food. Telephones have given people the ability to communicate across all lines and borders. This expanded communication opens the doors to endless opportunities and more valuable social relationships.

Types of Telecommunication Products

In the past decades, wires were used for transmitting the message but nowadays, modems are also used. Wireless communication is the latest trend, freeing the products from connecting wires. The information communicated may be in any form like voice, text, image, or video. Some telecom product like fax, telephone, or modem is used to send and receive the message. You can use all these products simultaneously with switch control mechanism.

Since the invention of telephones in 1876, new telecom products were invented, making communication easy. Telegraph was the first method used to pass information from one place to another using some codes. Later, telephones enabled voice communication where the sender and the receiver will have telephones. Anyone who has a telephone connection can make and receive calls at any time. The voice is converted into electrical signals which are then transmitted through the wires. The receiving end interprets the electrical signals and reconverts to voice again. Every telephone uses control devices to enable conversion between the voice and electrical signals.

Revolution in the telecom industry started with the changes in telephones. Olden day bulkier phones are replaced by modern day lightweight phones. Many accessories like answering machines can be attached to the telephone line using which you can track the missed calls. The cellular phone is an important telecom product which changed the way communication was carried out in the past. The wires were discarded and the mobile phone can communicate with the base station through radiations invisible for the naked eye. Radio waves are used for establishing communication without any wires. Calls can be established between wired and wireless devices, providing perfect integration between the old and the new technology.

All in one telephones and multi line telephones can now be found in every office. With more and more new telecom products, communication was made simple. The price of these products is also reduced, making these products feasible to acquire. Fax machines have made written communication very simple. You no more need to post a business letter and wait for many days to get a reply. The written paper can be fed to the fax machine which instantly sends the message to the recipient. You can send and receive text messages within a few minutes. Walkie-talkie phones can also be considered as telecom products. These phones are like radios, but they operate in both the ways. These radios operate in specific frequency bands which are used to send and receive voice data. Dedicated frequencies are used for secure communication.

If you have an office, you need to have many telecom products like phones, fax, answering machine, modems, security monitors, credit card terminals, climate control, and poll cash registers. To use all these machines simultaneously, you have to use the voice/data sharing device. This is the central telecom product which sends appropriate message to the appropriate device. Using a single telephone communication line, you can use all these products. The sharing device incorporates port-switching mechanism to distribute voice and data.