Telephone Recording, The Good And The Bad

Telephone centers have used telephone recording or a call recorder to evaluate effectiveness, performance, improve training and to ensure compliance with procedures. Individuals have found need to record phone conversations to insure accuracy in agreements and to prove that events had taken place. There is another use and that is to protect life, property and reputations.

A company or corporation can effectively use telephone call recording to monitor the effectiveness of phone sales or inquiries. They can monitor the performance of their employees and the effectiveness of the training program. Finally they can ensure that rules regulations and sales are in compliance with company rules and that there is an agreement in place between customer and representative. When there is a legal matter to discuss over the telephone an individual or firm may want to record the telephone conversation to insure the accuracy of statements and agreements between involved parties. Finally someone who is being threatened, lied about or intimidated may want to record a phone conversation to get the police or other authority involved. We will discuss the use and legality in this instance later.

When using phone calls recording a telephone conversation you must understand the difference between the one party and the all-party consent laws. Some states allow you to record a telephone conversation if only one party is aware of the recording. These states are as follows: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. All party consent means that all parties being recorded must be made aware and consent to the recording of the conversation. The states requiring this are the remaining 12 US states of: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. California has allowed the exception to the one party consent when one party is involved in criminal activity, extortion or blackmail. Arizona allows the subscriber of the phone service to record criminal activities with no party consent. The question that arises is; what can a person do if being harassed or threatened by another party involved in an illegal action. In these cases the individual must either accept the legal action that may be taken against them or go to the courts and get a legal action approved by a judge to record these conversations. There is a gray area of the law where the conversation is across state lines and the states involved adhere to different laws. In most cases the laws applying to the state where a court action is involved dictate the legality, however this cannot be assumed.

Getting consent for phone taps almost requires intervention from an attorney to make sure you have the correct phraseology. However in every case you must be clear about the fact that you are making an audio recording and this must be accomplished prior to the recording of the conversation. For your own protection the announcement and agreement by parties involved should be on the recording itself. In addition to consent some laws dictate the use of a beep or audible tone periodically during the conversation to make all parties aware the conversation is being recorded. Other states and government agencies do not require that this beep or tone be audible to the human ear.

What do you do if you think your telephone line is being wiretapped? Call your local telephone company and tell them you think you line is being tapped. They will check your line and if you are being tapped they will contact authorities to see if the tap is legal and if you are being monitored by a government agency. If the tap is illegal, the telephone company will advise you and give you information to take to the law enforcement authorities. However if the tap is legal the telephone company will not verify the phone tap or give you any information. There are no reliable devices in the marketplace that you as an individual can use to tell you if your phone is being tapped. You must rely on the telephone company for this service.

A Federal law enforcement agency may use telephone tapping when they have probable cause and a federal warrant. Some states have authorized wire taps for state law enforcement agencies in crimes involving murder, kidnapping or bombings. These lines of approval and law enforcement involving warrants can be very gray when terrorism is involved.

With every set of laws there are exceptions and hence the need for attorneys. The Telephone Company may listen to conversations to monitor quality of service or to protect itself against theft or harassment. Employers may monitor company employees on company phones with little or no restrictions. Employers to protect themselves should make employees aware of the potential of phone monitoring.

Digital messages and text cannot be monitored the same way as a voice message. While the courts have not expanded the laws on who may wiretap a communication, it has allowed that investigators must be given access to digital or test messages if they have the legal Federal or State authority and warrants to wiretap the conversations. This means with proper warrants the media company must turn over transcripts of these digital or text messages. This is called the Digital Telephony Act. Online services such as VoIP, America Online, CompuServe or the Internet are not subject to the Digital Telephony Act. However one using these services must be aware these services are not secure and can be monitored easily by anyone with computer skills.

Phone Cards – The Best Option to Minimize Your Phone Budget

There is absolutely no reason to worry about the cost of international calls with the amount of options currently available. One of these options is a international phone card. Phone card service providers offer a wide range of services that help you save your money and keep your phone budget under control.

Convenient To Use

Using a calling card is one of the most convenient ways to make cheap international calls. You can use it through your landline phone or even through your mobile phone. This means that you can make international calls no matter where you are provided that you are carrying a mobile phone and an international calling card with you.

Cheap Calling Rates

These phone cards will not only offer you a cheap calling rate but will also allow you to enjoy certain free minutes as well. There is a huge variety of calling cards available in the market and you must be very careful about choosing one for yourself if you really intend to save your money and keep your telephone expenses low.

Variety in Price and a Features

Moreover, phone cards are available in different price ranges and usually have varying features as well. Therefore, you must choose the one that meets your requirements. If you purchase a calling card without keeping your usage requirements in mind, you may end up paying far more than you expected. Therefore, one wrong decision can take away the entire purpose of using a phone card.

Purchasing a Phone Card

With an ever-increasing number of people moving overseas for one reason or the other, the use of phone cards to make international cheap calls has become very common in today’s time. You can easily find a calling card at any retail or departmental store. Even if you do not have the time to visit a store, you can simply make the purchase over the Internet with an online vendor.

Why Purchase Calling Cards Online?

Many people tend to prefer buying calling cards online, because they can make a better comparison of the service providers. However, when making any transaction online, you must be careful with scams and frauds and only go for well-known websites. You can get information about the service provider by going over the feedback they get from the general public. At times it is even better to enquire from your friends and relatives about good phone service providers. Those who have experienced it are in a far better position to guide you. However, you should always choose a service provider that you can trust.

The Invention of the Telephone

The telephone is a wonderful invention. Since it was first introduced into the marketplace it has made a world of difference in many people’s lives. The fact that the telephone can be used in an emergency situation is probably the most beneficial of all. The telephone has saved many lives over the years, and without a telephone it would be impossible for anyone to call the police, fire department or ambulance.

Since it was first invented, the telephone has gone through many of changes. The first telephone lines were run on towers that made a city or suburb look very unattractive. These days all of the cables are run underground. The first telephone was a very large rotary type device. Nowadays you can find telephones as small as the palm of your hand or even smaller – enter the cell phone.

It is Convenient

The first thing that people realized about the telephone is that it was a very easy means of communication. There was no longer the need to get on your horse with a letter and gallop down to the next street or state for that matter. You could simply pick up the receiver and dial a number to speak to the person on the other end. In the earlier days of the telephone, however, it was seen as a luxury. This meant that it was only installed in houses of people who could afford it, or who had extra money.

Today, the telephone is affordable to almost everyone, it is the lifeblood to our economy. Everyone knows that you cannot run a successful business without a telephone. This device is no longer a luxury, it is a means to an end, it is a way to make you more money and keep our economy thriving. It has also allowed us to create a new form of business – namely the Internet i.e. e-Commerce.

Telephone Equipment

The telephone has many different types of gadgets, features and accessories that go with it these days. If you are looking for even more convenience and uses for the telephone you will need to take a look at a few of these:

Caller Identity: Know who is calling with a new caller line identity device. It is a tool that you will hook up to your existing telephone or it is added by your telephone provider. The device is made up of a simple LCD digital screen that displays the number of the person calling you. This way, if you do not know the number, you do not need to answer.

Conference Speaker Phone: This is especially helpful in any business, whether it is small or large. If you find that you will be on calls where you need more than one person on the telephone, the speaker phone is for you.

Different Types of Telephones

You will find that there are many different types of telephones out on the market today. This includes both analog and digital models for the home line device, business phones, satellite phones and the cell phone. You will also find that the home line telephone comes in many wireless connections too, for security, ease, mobility, etc. Alexander Graham Bell never would have guessed that his invention would get this famous.

Mobile Phone Chargers Are the Most Essential Mobile Phone Accessories

As technology has advanced, man has received benefits from the inventions of technology in several ways. phones have become common now and along with that these phone accessories have also come up in the market to protect the mobile from all possible ways. Mobile phone chargers are one of the most essential accessories of communication gadgets which of course have a great value to the users.

Apart from the chargers, batteries, cases, Bluetooth headsets are also important pieces of mobile phone accessories. There are some accessories of cellphone which just serve as aesthetic value while there are some others which also serve a functional purpose.

Bluetooth headsets are an important accessory of mobile phone. These are wireless and can be attached to the ear. They are very much convenient to be used in all places and in all situations.

The memory cards are also an important accessory of communication gadgets and these can be added on the memory device of the cellphone in order to store several additional data.

Recently mobile car kits have also come up in the market and they can be used to charge the wireless telephones while you are in the car. The power is utilized from the car engine to get the cellphone charged.

The cellular phone chargers as said previously are very important for any mobile. They are of various kinds and serve a variety of purposes. The mobile phone travel chargers particularly come in use when the battery of the phones suddenly gets drained while you are on a move. However, the mobile phones have to be charged again as soon as you return back and get the access to charge from the original chargers. These phone chargers basically provide a temporary relief to the mobile phones.

Apart from these cellphone chargers, in the recent days, solar cellular phone chargers have also come up in the market to help people in several effective ways. First of all, since they utilise the power and the energy from the sun, they are very much environment friendly. They absorb the power and energy of the sunlight and accordingly transfer it to the mobile phones. However, if you require the cellphones to be charged at night, you can utilise the power that is stored in the storage unit of the battery.