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Fun Cubicle Accessories Can Add Personality to Your Work Space

When you start working for a company, they typically have furnished your office ahead of time long before your first working day. You may be moving into an office that was occupied by someone who was previously let go due to performance issues or moved onto another company. Chances are, when you move into that office it is a generic space with all of the basics that the company provides for all of its employees.

But that’s where you come into the picture. Maybe you are happy with the generic look of your office but, then again, if you want to make the space your own, you probably want to introduce a personal feel to this space. So what can you do to make this place your home? There are definitely some fun cubicle accessories that you can add that will add some of your own personality.

Cell Phone holder

Everyone owns a cell phone these days and most of them are smart phones such as an iPhone or an Android. Instead of simply placing your cell phone directly on your desktop, doesn’t it make sense to store it in a desk accessory of distinction? There are so many different types of cell phone holders that are out there. My favorite is the basic acrylic cell phone holder that tilts slight back allowing you to easily see the screen throughout the day. Another version is similar to a bean bag chair where you can nestle the cell phone into the chair on your desktop. It may look more chic than the acrylic model but they don’t really hold the cell phone as well.

Chia Products

When I was a child the Chia Pet was all the rage. Now you can get Chia products in many different flavors but the premise is the same as it always has been. You add seeds to the top of the ceramic mold into a gel-like growing medium, add water, and within a couple of weeks you have a full green growth. It’s a fun cubicle accessory and will capture your co-workers interest as the growth gets larger each day.

Electronic Goldfish Aquarium

Have you ever considered putting an aquarium in your office cubicle? Well, the only problem with that is that you have to be diligent to feed the fish and that could be a problem if you aren’t always in the office. You can buy an electronic goldfish aquarium for your office and all you need is some AA batteries and the fish will swim around in the water without having to feed them. Talk about a convenient addition to any cubicle or office!

If you don’t add some fun cubicle accessories to your office then you are really missing out on creating a personal work space. Adding a touch of your own personality to your office will go a long way to getting through those long monotonous days at work.